mofu - Pipistrello table Lamp

Pipistrello table Lamp

Designed by Gae Aulenti for Martinelli Luce, Italy 1966.
Table lamp with a diffuser of white opal methacrylate and a base adjustable in height with
telescopic movement. The base is lacquered in white, black, dark brown ,red green
and satin aluminum color.

Diameter 27 x Height 35
Dark brown , purple red ,green agave and white base: 690,00 + VAT
Copper polished or natural satin brass + 230.00
Gold and Titane +320,00

Diameter 55 x Height can be adjusted by it's telescopic stem and
can be set anywhere from 68 to 86 cm.
Dark brown, green agave and white base: 1290,00 + VAT
Purple red and polished black: 1450.00 +VAT
Aluminum: 1640.00 + VAT
Copper polished or natural satin brass : 1920.00

Delivery time: 4 weeks

Qty: 1
Price: 690.00