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Up 5 chair and ottoman
The chair that made Pesce famous in 1969, Up 5 is largely characteristic of the designer's unique philosophy, imbuing personality into his designs through unconventional materials. Up 5 not only has an organic look and feel-the whole piece literally "grows" into form when unwrapped from its tight vacuum seal. It comes as no surprise, then, that Up 5 evokes a mother's womb and that opening its package becomes an event similar to birth. Pesce has cleverly applied polyurethane, a highly synthetic material, as a metaphor for one of the most precious moments in humanity.

Polyurethane foam covered in red stretch fabric

Dimensions: Height 103 cm X Width 120 cm X Depth 130 cm
Seat height 57 cm

Qty: 1
Price: 2560.00