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KAISER idell 6631 Luxus

The desk lamp was designed by Christian Dell , a German silversmith and designer, in 1931.
From 1922-25 he worked as a foreman of the metal workshop at the Bauhaus in Weimar where he was the man behind a highly innovative and pioneering style of design.
Beginning in 1926 Dell sketched lights, often for the lamp factory Gebr. Kaiser & Co. The first catalogue was launched in 1936 in which the table lamp model 6631 Luxus appeared for the first time. This lamp soon became the undisputed top model of the KAISER idell serie then, as well as today, the symbol of noble Germanic design, exquisite choice of materials and precise engineering.
The asymmetrical design of the lampshade is a characteristic feature of 6631 LUXUS. Made with a diameter of 290 mm, the shade is manufactured from high quality steel and hand-painted in its distinctive original colours, glossy black, ruby red, white, darkgreen or ivory. With the light source carefully positioned within the white reflector, the elaborate design of the lampshade results in perfect, balanced lighting. A complex component to manufacture, the dome mounted above the reflector is embossed with the words Original Kaiser idell. Originally, the topmost swivel joint that links the lampshade to the chrome plated brass arm was a special feature of Kaiser's idell series. A revolutionary feature at the time, the swivel joint enabled the lamp to be positioned in countless ways a mark of Kaiser idells true authenticity. The harmonious shape of the arm is a visual extension of the lampshade’s silhouette. The brass arm of the lamp has been carefully polished and has silver soldered swivel joints at both ends. Like the brass arm, all the other components of this lamp have a chrome plated finish. Simple yet beautifully designed, the pivot joint fixes the chrome-plated arm in place by means of a powerful wing nut. An elegant solution. The heavy, round base of the lamp is a decorative element in itself with a polished, chrome ülated brass ring around its circumference. The craftsmanship that has gone into making the 6631 Luxus can even be seen in its lead and plug. The lead is sheathed in fabric, just as in 1931 when the lamp was first produced.

Available colors :Black, white, Rubin red, dark green and Ivory

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks.

Dimensions:H44cm x Diameter 28.5cm

Qty: 10
Price: 565.00